Self-evolving photonic crystals for ultrafast photonics

Self-evolving photonic crystals for ultrafast photonics

Ultrafast dynamics in nanophotonic materials is attracting increasing attention from the perspective of exploring new physics in fundamental science and expanding functionalities in various photonic devices. In general, such dynamics is induced by external stimuli such as optical pumping or voltage application, which becomes more difficult as the optical power to be controlled becomes larger owing to the increase in the energy required for the external control. Here, we demonstrate a concept of the self-evolving photonic crystal, where the spatial profile of the photonic band is dynamically changed through carrier-photon interactions only by injecting continuous uniform current. Based on this concept, we experimentally demonstrate short-pulse generation with a high peak power of 80 W and a pulse width of <30 ps in a 1-mm-diameter GaAs-based photonic crystal. Our findings on self-evolving carrier-photon dynamics will greatly expand the potential of nanophotonic materials and will open up various scientific and industrial applications. Generation and control of short pulse is desired for ultrafast applications. Here the authors demonstrate ultrafast pulse generation using self-evolving photonic crystal that can transition from high loss to low loss state based on dynamic dispersion compensation.

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